6 Lawyers

6 lawyers work at Advokatskrivstovan, and they all have extensive experience from advising of Faroese and foreign companies. The lawyers also represent individuals as well as Faroese and foreign authorities.

The lawyers have all studied law at universities in Denmark. We are licensed to appear in cases before the Court of the Faroe Islands, the High Court and the Supreme Court.

  • Fríða Patursson

    E-mail: frp@jura.fo 

    Mobile: 224969

  • Óla Jákup Kristoffersen

    E-mail: ojk@jura.fo 

    Mobile: 211817

  • Christian Andreasen

    E-mail: cfa@jura.fo 

    Mobile: 211145

  • Niels Winther Poulsen

    E-mail: nwp@jura.fo 

    Mobile: 211146

  • Helga á Borg

    E-mail: hab@jura.fo

    Mobile: 211810

  • Rósing Rasmussen

    Teldupostur: ror@jura.fo 

    Telefon: 211553

  • Kristoffur Kristoffersen

    E-mail: krk@jura.fo

    Mobil: 210908